Is there artistry in Performance Art? Um. Yes.

It’s not too late to join the circus … Okay, this is unrelated to anything. I’m officially fangirling. Have you heard of Formosa Circus Art? Maybe, maybe not. It’s a performance troupe made up of dancers and acrobats, out of Taiwan. They were in Honolulu, performing to honor Taiwanese Heritage week. We were fortunate enough to get some tickets from a friend at the Honolulu Chapter of the Taiwanese Association[…]

Hello, hello

Welcome! I’ve thought a lot about what I should post here. Since I’d like to make this worth your while (especially if you’ve taken the step to click through) … well. Yeah. This isn’t going to be a themed blog. There are more qualified (and focused) people for that. So, I’ll be posting my thoughts here on whatever catches my fancy. I know I’ll be talking to myself for a bit,[…]