People are strange, when you’re a stranger …

Have you ever done the “people watching” thing? I’ve spent time on that pursuit myself, when I had time to do it. Since I live near Waikiki, you see some CHARACTERS. All walks of life, from all over the world.  Wow, did she know she was wearing that when she left the hotel? Hm, he should have more clothes on. OMG, what a CUTIE!! And when you see that one person, the one who is off-the-wall, completely and utterly themselves and doesn’t give a damn about what anyone else might think … you smile and think, “That’s awesome. I love people.”

And have you noticed?

I mentioned to my husband the other day that I’d noticed that in certain genres, you normally see a particular type of “hero”. Say, Anime. I’m a fan. Unabashed. For hitting the emotional hot-spots in a viewing audience, there’s a definite formula and as much as stereotypes bug me, it obviously works (given their popularity). For example, the heroes tend to be OP (read: over-powered), maybe not too smart but almost always loveable and big-hearted. Their “support” – normally one surly fellow but loyal (though he’d never admit it and sometimes you wonder about his motivations), a hot-headed female who’s frightening to those around her, one super-smart person (male or female) and one almost too sweet but completely adorable child (male or female). Give or take.

It makes me wonder. What kind of people … characters … do you like to read about or see on the big screen? What makes you care about them?

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